Detailed description Casa do Polo A Vilerma Ribeira Sacra

Welcome to Casa do Polo A Vilerma

The origins of Casa do Polo date back about 200 years. Over the years extensions and alteration changed the apearance. We bought it in a sorry, ruinus state in 2015. Two years of renovation resulted in a combination of old and new. Introducing walls of glass, specially coated to not pass heat, roof lights and an orientation to studio style, instead of separate rooms, resulted in an airy, spacious  and comfortable feel of the old farm house. 

Casa do Polo now offers two apartments rather than just two bedrooms with a total of more than 150m2 living space inside. The roof with a total of 250m2 does provide shade and privacy for the walled patio and on the balconies.

Stargazer studio allows viewing the night sky
Studio (Stargazer)

One “bedroom ” is a studio style apartment, with a large bathroom and kitchenette as well as it`s own balcony. It is called stargazer due to the skylight.


The suite / apartment has a separate bedroom with en suite bathroom, a large open area divided into a kitchen, dining area and salon. The large balcony offers a Jacuzzi at the end of it.


Kitchen & Dining
View from Jacuzzi






The kitchen is fitted with a ceramic hob, microwave, toaster, water cooker, fridge with a small freezer and all the cutlery and crockery needed to dine up to 4 people, who can sit comfortably at the dining table. 

Next to the table is a glass door leading onto the balcony and Jacuzzi. 

A wrought iron partition separates the kitchen and dining area from the salon. There is an alternative entrance door giving access to the gravelled south side of the property, where you can park your car(s) as well.

The “north” side is dominated by large windows and a french double door opening up to the main balcony. The salon with its two two seater “lounger” sofas is just right to relax after a days exploring.

An old reclaimed “Galician” door leads to the bedroom with en suite bathroom. The handcraftet chestnut double bed can be separated to form a twin arrangement, if that is preferred ( 2 x 90 x 200cm ).

The large glass front to the balcony and patio with its french double doors allow for a unque  “al fresco sleeping”. The electrically run shutters can completely close the glass front,  with the doors open or closed and can be positioned at any level of light and privacy.

Specially selected bed linen is provided.

“Cave shower”

The en suite bathroom has  a generous shower that has a slight “cave feel” as two sides are formed by the original, reclaimed walls. Automatic ventilation and a window look after the “climate”.

The spaciuous washing basin, a bidet and a toilet complete the white ware. A towel warmer / dryer as well as a hairdryer are conveniently located. Towels are provided. Obviously there is hot and cold water.

In case you stay for more than a week, we request your permission to have a cleaner come in to change beds, towels and do a basic clean, this will require access for around 4 hours.
If you booked the house with usage of the Jacuzzi, this requires maintenance as well.

The balcony has chairs and two loungers – more chairs are on the small balcony and downstrairs there are two sun loungers as well.


Stargazer – The studio with lots of space, vertically and horizontally and its unique skylight in the roof, is spacious, airy and full of light. The windows, the skylight and the entrance have blinds to darken it and for more privacy if required.

At the entrance is a kitchenette with a basin and water cooker, cutlery and plates are in the cupboards. A small cooker is provided as well. The typical Galician wall / monks table folds down, presenting a cupboard and a nice space for a quick snack or to prepare breakfast in bed or on the balcony.


The en suite bathroom is furnished with a large washing basin , a toilet and the shower is partially in the old chimney. The old opening is now closed by coloured glass blocks. Ventilation is by fan, this can be configured to switch on with the lights or simply by pulling a cord.

Beds – double or twin –

The double bed,  can be configured as twin beds, the frames are seperate (2 x 90 x 200 cm ).

Two lounge chairs invite you to relax and plan tomorrows trips.

Just outside is the “small” balcony, offering views into the country side.

All balconies have overhanging roofs. They are shaded in the afternoon and sitting outside, should it rain, is a unique experience.

The walled patio offers total privacy and is shaded in the afternoons. There is a “Canadian” picnic bench for al fresco dining. Beside the entrance doors is a BBQ.


The old bread oven is restored and we can fire this for you. A brilliant experience is “Galician pizza”, this also allows for little pizza rolls and dips – what a tapa !
This needs to be arranged in advance as this takes at least 2 hours to fire and heat up the oven.

Also downstairs is the laundry room with a washing machine, an additional toilet and a washing basin. All cleaning items are kept there.


General Items :

Water – The water is of exceptional quality. Pumped up from more than 100 meters it is crystal clear, has no impurities, no alkalinity, no hardness and a PH of 6.9. Use shampoo sparingly or you may be under the shower forever.

Remote control(s): Major lights work on switches but all lights are controlled by remote. The shutters in the main bedroom only work with a remote. There is a remote control in each room.

Jacuzzi / Hot tub: Due to the extremely low water tables in the area (failing sufficient rain over the last years) we may not be able to set this up for you. Please enquire specifically and we will let you know.

There is a setup charge of 40€ as we will prepare the hot tub just for you – if you request usage when booking and there is enough water. New filters are put in, we use bromide instead of chloride and the conditioning of the extremely soft water requires materials and time as does the final cleaning when you have left. The preheating takes about 10 hours. We will explain the small maintenance that is required when in use. It is ideal for 2 persons but 4 fit in as well.

Please do use the provided towel stands for wet towels.

Heating & Cooling: The house has independent air condition systems in each room which are heat pump based and offer heating and cooling.
The remotes to control these are located in each room. We recommend to run the systems on ECO mode and to a set temperature. The power management may switch the units off for a while, they will restart at the preset values when sufficient power is available.

Electric / Power management: Due to a limited power supply the house manages power and there are some restrictions, like Jacuzzi or cooking or washing mashine or all air conditioner on full blast, only two of which will work at the same time. They may switch off and except for the Jacuzzi will restart automatically when sufficient power becomes available.

The Village: A Vilerma is semi abandoned. Some of the 6 houses are only used at weekends the others are just empty.

Mirador Sanxiorxo: Just 900 meters away is one of the most stunning viewpoints of the area. An evening stroll, maybe with a small picnic and the sun set is all yours.

Restaurants / Bars: In Bulso (2Km) you find the cantina Dos Meus Avus which we do recommend, just a drink, tapas or a typical Galician meal. Sober has 4 bars and the restaurant OXugo. Nearby in Doade is the Merenzao restaurant and the Cantina (Doade) and Monforte is not far either.

Just some things to do: Visit the adega Regina Viarum in Doade, find the millennium oaks, visit all viewpoints in the area, walk the pasarella of the Rio Mau, take the catamaran tour and enjoy the impressive views up the steep vineyards from down on the water, visit Castro Caldelas and inspect the fortress, visit on of Spains oldest churches hewn into the rock face, take to the hot waters in Ourense, walk the only fully remaining roman town wall in Lugo, the list is endless.

For our guests we have prepared 1 – 4 day sightseeing tour plans to make the most out of your stay. The tourist information in Sober will provide more information and inspiration.

The most important part – RELAX – ENJOY and be AMAZED