Casa Do Polo A Vilerma Sober Ribeira Sacra

A unique house in the heart of the Ribeira Sacra and next to Amandi.

Tranquility and nature are foremost and the spacious ambiente of two apartments rather than two bedrooms aids the relaxation. Perfect to explore the area. Just 900 meters is one of the most stunning view points of the area. Nearby are Europes steepest vineyards. The ancient town of Lugo with its roman town wall (complete), the town of hot springs Orense, Santiago de Compostella and the Costa de Muerto all are within easy reach. The house is only rented to one client at a time for a maximum of 4 people. The shaded balkonies offer relaxation after a full day of exploring. Watch the slideshow and discover the unique Casa do Polo in A Vilerma - Sober.

In a semi abandoned small village the Casa do Polo is the perfect spot to unwind. Only the odd tractor or the bleeting of sheep disturb the silence. On 150m2 with a generous amount of glas (special coted no heat transfer) a perfect ambiente to enjoy the delights of the Ribeira Sacra.

Take a picnic and amble just 900 meters to one of the most stunning viewpoints of the area. Nearby are more deep gorges, romanic architecture, the old roman gold mines or even the two coasts of Galicia are nearby. A leisurely drive of about 90 minutes and you have saltwater between your toes.